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Complex jobs are my jam

I can help you organize

My experience:

Digital Cables

I got my start as a telecom technical writer

While tech writing wasn't for me, I learned how to break down subjects far beyond my own understanding. I also learned to self-manage in a loosey-goosey start-up. 

Skus beyond number

Next, I created ecommerce content for several multinational brands at an agency.

I created the first ecom content for thousands of products. This required careful—sometimes innovative—planning and an eye for details within the complex whole.


Information sells

Providing information on your site is a great way to connect with your industry and generate leads. Capture your audience in the consideration phase by providing a useful resource.

Here are a few examples:


What do you know about lease accounting?

Nothing? Me neither. Not until Netgain gave me a wealth of informational content they'd created over the last few years. I combined and edited this information into a clear structure and revised it for consistent and straightforward voice. Now that information provides a valuable resource to the industry and works to generate leads.

"Peter made our guide so comprehensible, your grandma could read it, but detailed enough to teach accountants the new standard"
-Joel Hill, VP of Marketing

Explaining what you do

Defining and explaining service offerings can be a job in itself. I helped Douglass Colony define the pillars of their business for their website and created blurbs that sold each offering. Each pillar page features a paragraph explaining the offering with a soft-selling spin.


My offerings:

  • Guides, brochures, websites, pillar pages (no technical documents, please)

  • Content structure for webpages and websites

  • Planning and creation of hyperlinked marketing materials


Let's work together

$75/hour, estimate in advance

303 521 8754, set up call in advance

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